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...in the first online shop for used and recycled waste bins made of high-quality stainless steel.

A circular economy in the sense of the common good economy.

Secondhand or new... definitely sustainable

Most of our garbage cans are discarded garbage cans from municipalities, companies or organizations that are no longer needed for various reasons.

The photos were intentionally taken in the original condition, so all traces of use are still visible. We do not want to embellish anything, no fake pictures. They are refurbished only after the order and in the end will not be inferior to a new bucket visually and technically. No they are better!

We refurbish these containers by cleaning them inside and out, removing etchings and scratches, denting them and removing graffiti. The buckets have a new grinding structure and - the highlight - they are permanently protected from dirt and graffiti by our dirt-repellent coating "nano aqua perl®".

This is not only sustainable (conservation of resources and circular economy), but also financially attractive. The renovated bins are not only significantly cheaper than new bins, they also offer significant added value thanks to the dirt-repellent coating.

We search

Do you still have old Smile, CitySmile, HELVETIAbin, CleanCity, Tango, Ventura, Hai or other well-known waste bins at home that you no longer need? Do not hesitate to contact us.

And one more thing... since the supply of used garbage cans is unfortunately limited, you will always find offers with new garbage cans / recycling stations or ashtrays of different brands.

And now, I wish you a lot of fun while browsing in our store.